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Ambassador`s welcome speech

maya kipshidze

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the official web-page of the Embassy of Georgia!

As the Ambassador of Georgia to the Kingdom of Norway, it is great honour to take up responsibility for contributing to strengthening and enhancing the existing friendly relations between our countries. Expanding relations with Nordic countries has always been one of the main priorities of Georgia’s foreign policy. In 2017 both countries celebrated 25 years of diplomatic relations, however establishing of the Georgian - Norwegian diplomatic relations go back 100 years ago when Georgia proclaimed the First Democratic Republic (1918-1921).  In 2018 Georgia is celebrating this remarkable anniversary and the Embassy in Oslo will be actively involved in various cultural activities and events throughout the year.

Bilateral partnership and solid multilateral cooperation among our countries is successfully deepening and demonstrates an example of excellent relations between our nations. Political and economic cooperation between our countries is growing. Norway supports Georgia’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, its aspiration for the European and Euro-Atlantic integration. We hope to increase the economic cooperation even more in order to bring Norwegian business and investments in Georgia. Norwegian investments in the Georgian energy sector are remarkable and further opportunities in the fields of tourism, culture, education and cultural heritage are being looked at.

Located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Georgia has historically been part of the ancient Silk Road and remains to be so in the context of the New Silk Road (Belt and Road).  The transcontinental trade route, connecting Asia with Europe, laid a solid foundation for the East-West cultural exchange and created a unique niche for my country. I am a strong believer in people-to-people contacts. In this respect I am delighted to note a growing number of Norwegian tourists visiting Georgia and hope for more opportunities to introduce Georgian culture to Norwegian visitors.

While actively continuing to protect interests and rights of the Georgian Diaspora in Norway the Embassy would keep the door open for cooperation, new ideas and initiatives.

I should be extremely happy and feel my mission has been successfully completed if by the end of my term, Georgian-Norwegian existing ties would be taken much further and even more cemented.  

Best wishes,

Maia Kipshidze